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Total Gym 1900
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There is a lot of difference in working out with and without machines and equipment. Once you try out both, you will feel the difference with having to work out in both conditions. It is going to take a considerable amount of time to shape your body if you are working out without machines and equipment. While on the other hand, you will see results in just a few days when working out with machines. Total Gym 1900 is another workout machine which lets you gain a muscular and toned body in just a few days. However, you will achieve this only when you have a proper schedule of exercise, and you stick to it every day no matter what. Here we are going to guide you how to make the most of Total Gym 1900, the ultimate workout machine.

Total Gym 1900 Back Workout

The exercises given below are designed to work out your back muscles. Follow these steps to shape your back effectively.

Total Gym 1900 Home Gym Workouts

  • Kneeling Row: Sit on the gliding board in a kneeling position. Hold the handles and keep your back straight. Your initial position should be with straightened arms. To start with the exercise, pull yourself up on the gliding board with the help of handles. You can now bend your elbows.
  • Lateral Pulldown: Lie on the gliding board in a position where your knees are bent, and arms stretched out to sides while holding the handles. Bring your hands down toward your hips to slide the gliding board upwards.
  • Row with Hyperextension: Sit down on the gliding board facing the handles in a crouching position. Hold them with your arms extended. Bring yourself up on the gliding board by straightening your back and bending your elbows.

Total Gym 1900 Shoulder Workout

Now we shall focus on our shoulders. You will come across some exercises which will give you a chance to build up your shoulder muscles.

Total Gym 1900 Shoulder Workout

  • Shoulder Extension: Sit at the top of gliding board while holding the handles of the machine. Extend your arms above your knees. Pull the handles to glide forwards without bending your elbows.
  • Front Deltoid Raise: Sit on the gliding board and bend your knees a little. Hold the handles on your sides without bending your elbows. Pull the handles to glide upwards but do not bend your elbows, instead keep your arms parallel to each other.
  • Lateral Arm Pull: Sit on the gliding board facing one side. Only hold the one handle with opposite hand. Pull the handle towards your direction. You are allowed to bend your arm while pulling. This movement will let you slide upwards.

Total Gym 1900 Biceps Workout

When working out, you must not forget about your biceps. They hold equal importance to back muscles, shoulder muscles, leg muscles, etc. Let us have a view on biceps exercises.

total gym 1900 biceps workout

  • Biceps Curl with Crunching: Bend your knees and lie down on the gliding board. Hold the handles with arms straightened. Lift your upper body while pulling the handles. You can bend your elbows while pulling yourself up.
  • Biceps Curl with Hyperextension: Sit on the gliding board while holding the handles above your ankles. You can change your body posture. Keep your legs straight on the board. Now pull the handles to glide forward and straighten your back while bending your elbows.
  • Biceps Curl with Leg Curl: Seat yourself on the top of the gliding board. Have a firm footing on the wing attachment. Hold the handles with straightened arms. Slide the board upwards while bending your elbows. Do not bend your back. It has to be straight throughout the workout.

You should perform all the exercises mentioned above with great care on Total Gym 1900. It is among the best equipment one should use to perform numerous exercises on just one machine. It has a great customer rating, and its greatest advantage is that it’s a complete Gym in one machine. So, exert more pressure and shape your body.

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