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Total Gym 1500 Chest Workouts
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Exercise is an essential part of our daily activities. Beginning your day with exercises and workouts will keep you fresh for the rest of the day. You will feel active and less lazy in comparison to days when you don’t work out. It is recommended to exercise in the morning when you wake up. But, most people also wish to work out later in the day. It totally depends on you. The main issue is that you should have the proper equipment for a workout so that you can feel visible changes in yourself. Total Gym 1500 is a workout machine used to perform numerous exercises. Let us see what you can do with Total Gym 1500.

Total Gym 1500

Total Gym 1500 Abs Workout

Do these exercises to get your abdominal muscles toned up. Have a look:

Total Gym 1500 Abs Workout

  • Trunk Rotation: Sit on the gliding board facing your side while holding handles in your hand without any support on the ground. Keep your elbows bent. Do not vary its angle. Pull the handles from side to front. Repeat these steps.
  • Sit up with cable: Lie on the gliding board with knees bent and holding the handles. Your arms should be in straight position. Raise yourself up in a sitting position with the help of handles. Do not bend your arms.
  • Jackknife Sit up: Lie on the gliding board with a firm footing on squat stand. Straighten your arms above your head. Then, sit up without bending your elbows to bring your arms parallel to your legs.

Total Gym 1500 Chest Workout

The following exercises are for your chest muscles. You can perform these exercises on a daily basis to see changes in your body.

Total Gym 1500 Chest Workout

  • Incline chest fly: Sit on the gliding board with knees bent. Hold the handles. Pull these handles to bring yourself forward with hands right in front of your face. Do not bend your elbows.
  • Close grip chest press: Sit on the gliding board while holding the handles with your palms facing downwards. Keep your elbows bent. Pull the handles which bring the gliding board upwards. While pulling up, straighten your elbows.
  • Pullover with crunch: Lie straight on the gliding board with knees bent. Keep your arms up holding the handles. Raise your body a little bit while pulling the handles. Do not bend your elbows while pulling.

Total Gym 1500 Leg Workout

The next set of exercises focuses on your leg muscles. Following these exercises will help you in toning up your leg muscles.

Total Gym 1500 Leg Workout

  • Hip Abduction: Sit at the top of the gliding board. Keep your legs straight on cables from the inside. Hold the handles with palms facing one another. Bring the gliding board forward by pushing away cables with the help of your legs. Give it a pause and then do it again.
  • Hip Adduction: This exercise is a bit different from all other exercises. Understand it carefully so you can perform it brilliantly. First, lie down on the gliding board sideways. Bend one leg and attach the other leg with leg pull attachment. Keep it perpendicular in the air. Next, pull the cables with your leg to slide up on the gliding board. You should not bend your knee. Keep your leg straight throughout the workout.
  • Jumping Squat: Lie on the gliding board with your knees bent at 90 degrees of angle. Push your body up from the squatting stand with the help of your feet. You should push yourself up high to lose contact between your feet and squat stand.

All the given exercises can be performed daily on Total Gym 1500 machine. You can shape your body brilliantly by keeping yourself in the routine of these workouts. Chalk out a schedule and follow it regularly.


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