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Gym, workout, exercises! All of them require some equipment to perform them in a proper manner. Although there are many exercises which you can do without the equipment, they may not be as effective. You will see changes for sure, but they will take a considerable amount of time. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a workout equipment to speed up your fitness process. Total Gym has got a series of workout equipment. You must have already seen Chuck Norris and Christy Brinkley advertising for this workout machine.

Total Gym exercise machine is considered a good pick because of the ultimate features they offer to their customers. Also, it can fit in any house, big or small, easily. Most exercise machines are too big to accommodate in houses, but this machine is a perfect size. It comes at a moderate price.

How does this machine work?

Firstly, we would discuss the components of this machine to understand how it works. You will see a plank held diagonal for you to lie down or sit. You can set the diagonal angle according to your choice and the exercise you are going to perform. Then you will come across a cable and pulley that go further along to connect to the vertical base. There is also a foot plate. You can use these parts to perform numerous exercises.

Important Facts about Total Gym 1400

  • One of the most convenient features of this exercise machine is its compact design. As already mentioned, it fits in your house snuggly. It has a moderate size in comparison to other exercise machines. It has got an adjustable seat that you can set at different angles according to your Overall, the machine is resistance-based.
  • The Total Gym 1400 comes with an instructional DVD. If you have kept this machine at home, you can always go out and buy DVDs instructing you about suitable exercises.
  • This machine focuses on the following muscles of your body: Glutes, Lower body muscles, leg muscles, core muscles, chest, and arms.
  • Total Gym 1400 can be chosen as the best exercise machine to buy because you can perform 60 different exercises on this machine. Since you perform a variety of exercises on a single machine, why go to the gym every day!
  • You will receive Lifetime Unlimited Manufacturer Warranty when you buy this product.
  • When you buy this product, you will have to assemble it, but there are no tools needed for assembly. The product is easy to set up and easy to handle.

Types of exercises you can perform on Total Gym 1400

Minute Morning Workout:

Mornings are quite busy for every person these days. But you must not forget that exercise is very important for your body. There are two 5-minute exercises that you could do with Total Gym 1400 exercise machine.

  • You have to incline your body on the gliding board with your feet up. Pull yourself up to your heels. It will affect your lower abdomen.
  • You can use the pulley system to do the next exercise. Lie down on the gliding board while holding the pulleys in your hand. Stretch your hands and pull yourself up and down again. You may add crunches to it.

Squat Motion:

All you have to do in this exercise is to lie down on the gliding board with your back straight. Put your feet up on the foot plate to grab firm footing. Start gliding back and forth with the help of your feet pushing on the plate. Lift your toes from the plate, exerting pressure on your ankles when you move up. You can also move your arms up and down along with your body. Give them space to move.

Upright Row:

It is another great exercise that you can do on Total Gym 1400 model. In this exercise, you will need to sit on the gliding board facing the upper inclined side. Hold the pulleys tightly. Keep your arms straight with palms facing downwards. Next, you will have to bend your elbows to the point of your shoulders. Now, return to your initial straight position. Keep bending for about 15 to 30 minutes. It will shape your chest, shoulders and abs.

Side squat:

This exercise is done to shape your legs and thighs. It is similar to basic squats. It will give you the same benefit but in a more efficient way since there is equipment involved in it. How will you perform this exercise? Lay on the glide board sideways (whether right or left, it is your choice). Put your feet on the foot stand. If you are lying on your right side, put your left feet on the stand and lift the right foot backwards. Now, bend your left knee to bring yourself down to the gliding board. Exert more pressure to go up again. Perform the same exercise on your left side with right foot on the stand.

Lying Triceps:

All exercises on Total Gym employ you to move up and down on the gliding board. If you wish to get rid of your dangling arm muscles, you may try this exercise for triceps. You will have to lie down on the gliding board on your stomach. Hold pulleys firmly with your palms facing downward. Pull the handles until your arms are in a straight position. Let them loose, and then pull again. Doing this exercise on a daily basis will tone your triceps.

Seated Chest Fly:

This exercise is to tone your chest and build your abs along with your arms. Every muscle involved in this exercise will face some exertion which will further give them shape. You will have to sit down at the top of the gliding board holding the handles in your palms facing inwards. Pull the handles in the direction of your chest. Pull as much as you can to exert pressure on chest muscles. Then, release the pressure to return to original position. Perform this exercise 20 to 30 times to build your chest muscles perfectly.

Reverse Fly with Rotation:

It is one of the basic exercises which shape your back along with your chest, shoulders and abs. There are multiple exercises that focus on your chest muscles, but this exercise is specially intended for your back muscles. You can use Total Gym 1400 to perform this exercise. Sit down on the gliding board while holding handles. Straighten your arms. Then, bring one arm from front to the side without bending. While moving your arm, your upper body should also rotate toward your hand. Keep the other arm straight. Hold for a few seconds and return to the original position. Perform the same exercise for your other arm. Repeat these steps daily until you start feeling a change on your back, chest and arms.

Pros of using Total Gym 1400

This machine is perfect for use when you get tired of going to the gym regularly. You can buy this product and do almost all the exercises you can do in the gym. Also, this machine is just about the right size so you can place it anywhere you want. Most machines are humungous which do not suit your home, but this machine is of just the right size. This machine can give you about 60 different exercises for your body. You have a variety of exercises with just using one equipment. Even the shortest of exercises can give you better results than doing the same exercise without equipment.

Cons of using Total Gym 1400

This exercise equipment lacks in some ways as well. This equipment does not contain any weights for exercises. Most people consider weights as an important part of working out. They might have to visit gym again if they want strength training with weights. Other than this, you will need to spare some time to assemble this machine although it is fairly easy to set up.

Final Verdict

The Total Gym 1400 workout machine is a good pick if you can compromise on weights. The product has a great many advantages that weigh out any lacks in it. People often end up skipping the gym for trivial reasons. They do not wish to go to the gym regularly, but once you have this equipment at home, you can perform exercises whenever you are ready and determined to shape your body. Its size is the most beneficial part. Even if you have a small house, it can fit. It can also be folded away when you do not need it. Overall, this product is a good choice to start working out at home.

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